Admission Process

Fill the admission form

We will allocate an admission test appointment

An email will be sent with all details

Visit school for completing the test

If scored 50% and above student will be admitted

Finalize the admission process


Stars International school welcomes you ..

After Admission

Students will have to take an Admission Test in English and Math for the respective grade. The students who scored 50% and above in each of the tests will be interviewed by the Principal along with their parents/ mother/ guardian. After the Principal's approval, parents should submit the complete filled Admittance Form, (4) passport size photographs, Original Report Card(s), Immunisation Record, Birth Certificate, Medical Report and other required documents to the Admission Office.

Tuition fee has to be paid as specified by the Admission Office. The fee can be paid in cash or through Online Banking Transfer. If the Tuition Fee is not paid by the specified time, an SMS will be sent to the parent/ guardian. The payment should be made within five working days. If failed to accomplish the guardian will be called for a meeting with the Accountant and a representative of the School Governing Board. No payment plan will be accepted if the time extends beyond the current academic year (May/ June as applicable). If incompetent to pay the Tuition Fee as scheduled, it will result in the dismissal of the student at the beginning of the following term.

You are more than welcome to visit us, you may call this number ( 0500057095 ) to schedule your tour in our school.